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It is a special moment for all involved, including Director of Coaching Stefan Andersson who has coached since they were young and this was just a dream of the girls. “I am very excited and pleased that all their hard work has paid off for them!” Having coached Cassidy the longest, "I've had the pleasure of coaching Cassidy since she was 10 years old. She's been part of the Breakers FC Soccer Program for 8 years and she's been a joy to coach. PLU is fortunate to have such a strong, beautiful, independent young woman join their program.”

The three of them are just as thankful for their experiences they have had as Breakers as they are excited to continue playing.

Cassidy, who was the first to make a commitment says “I have enjoyed playing for Breakers ever since I was ten years old and I don't know where I would be today without this amazing club. Not only did Breakers allow me to train with experienced coaches and develop my game in order to play soccer at the collegiate level, but I've also met so many great friends and coaches along the way.”

Shannon, is very appreciative of all those that helped shape her club career and helped allow her to realize her dream of playing at the next level, "Getting to play in college is just allowing me to achieve my goals and dreams I had as a young kid and helping me to realize that all the hard work I've put into my soccer career is finally paying off. The Breakers have given me the chance to just continue to grow as a player and a person. They have always been supportive of me and now I have a great support system going into college soccer next year."

Cheris, who has made so many great friendships as a Breaker, “I'm beyond excited to continue to play soccer at the college level!! Being part of the Breakers team has bonded me with so many girls and has allowed me to learn and love the game of soccer. I'm blessed to be apart of this program for the past years growing as a soccer player.”

The opportunities afforded these young women have come with the 20+ years of knowledge and experience of recruiting by Technical Director Vernon Croft. “I am so excited and proud of these young women in their growth over the past year and their desire to continue playing at the next level. They have set the precedent while becoming the inspiration to all of our young girls dreaming of playing at the next level.” The new College Prep Program is going to be able to help any and all of our athletes, boy’s and girl’s, understand the recruiting process and help them be more successful in this, sometimes, very confusing time period. “Our new College Prep Program is going to be a very important, informative, and integral part of assisting all of our players achieve the same dreams that Cassidy, Shannon, and Cheris have achieved. This is an tremendous program that I am excited about working with Shea Swoboda, our College Prep Director, in developing a clear and concise path to college for all Breakers FC players.”

Cassidy and Mo
Mo and Cassidy
Cassidy and VernonCassidy and Vernon

Shannon and CherisShannon and Cheris

Shannon FrucciShannon Frucci


Name Hometown Position University
Cassidy Crosswhite Spokane, WA Goalkeeper Pacific Lutheran University
Shannon Frucci Spokane Valley, WA Central Midfielder Spokane Community College
Cheris Brown Spokane, WA Central Defender Spokane Community College