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A reminder to all teams that the winning team must report the score within 24 hours after the completion of the game.

Please follow the directions below to report the scores:

To report the score by phone

  • Dial (866) 334-6294 
    Enter Pin number for the specific league
    • PSPL WSPL, Classic or Copa leagues 4933
    • PSPL Development League 2754
    • Inland Copa League 6953
    • Spokane Development League 9856
    • Central Washington Development League 6666
    • Girls High School League 4242
  • Enter the game number – found on the schedules Follow instructions for entering the score

To report the score via the Website

  • Log onto your team page (same place where fields and game times were updated)
  • Click on the start page
  • Click on the link to update the score and follow the directions.

If there is an error in the score please fill out the Score Correction form. Please attach the game day signed by the referee showing the official score.